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Pilates: A Cortisol-Conscious Workout

Welcome to The Lipo Lounge weekly tip. 

Today we look at the cortisol-conscious workout, Pilates.

For some people, strenuous workouts can rejuvenate their mind and body. For others, especially those susceptible to chronic stress, intense forms of exercise can leave them feeling depleted and do more harm than good.


Studies show that high-intensity exercise causes a temporary rise in the stress hormone, cortisol. 

While cortisol has important roles in the body, too much can wreak havoc on your health, and the wrong workout could push your cortisol levels into unhealthy territory.

Persistently elevated cortisol has a detrimental effect on the body. It can lead to anxiety, depression, weight gain, heart problems, sleep disorders, digestive issues, headaches, memory impairment and even chronic pain.

The good news: Some forms of exercise, like Pilates, are shown to have a positive effect on cortisol levels.

During Pilates sessions, it is important to mindful, focusing on form and how your body feels in any given position.

Mindfulness helps decrease the effects of stress by reducing cortisol and other stress markers such as c-reactive protein, blood pressure, heart rate, and triglycerides.

Make Pilates part of your cortisol-conscious fitness practice!

Remember, the best way to get motivated is to see the changes you can achieve...and nothing does that better than the safe, non-surgical, painless, body sculpting and contouring procedures and body toning classes offered at The Lipo Lounge. 

Call to reserve your exercise spot today!

Our goal at The Lipo Lounge is to offer the newest and safest technology and body toning classes to help you be the best that you can be!

And that is The Lipo Lounge weekly tip.  

Isn’t it time you get the health and vitality you always dreamed of?

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Alexis O
Alexis O
Sep 18, 2021

Hello mate nnice post

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