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Near Infrared Sauna

What Is Near Infrared Sauna?


Near infrared sauna therapy can be used to help the body with a variety of health issues such as: joint and muscle pain, thyroid disease, circulation, digestion, tissue and cell repair and detoxification. It also helps support the liver, kidneys, pancreas, spleen, thyroid, and the central nervous system.

Never before in history have people been exposed to such a great variety of toxic chemicals. More than 80,000 chemicals available in the U.S. have never been fully tested for their effects on our health. According to the EPA, toxic chemicals are responsible for up to 80% of cancer deaths. In our current world, it’s important to take steps to reduce this toxic load on our bodies. A great way to do this is with near infrared sauna therapy.

The infrared sauna works by heating the body’s temperature several degrees above normal, making the body attempt to reduce its temperature by driving blood to the surface and sweating. The heating, and the body’s response to heating, can produce many beneficial physiological effects.

study from Finland that tracked more than 2,000 Finnish men for nearly 20 years on average found that those who used saunas on a regular basis reduced their risk of heart failure, coronary heart disease, and had longer lifespans. The study also found that more sessions per week provided more health benefits.



Can Near Infrared Sauna help in Weight Loss?

According to the American Medical Association, frequent sauna use has a comparable effect as running on the cardiovascular system.

Near-Infrared Sauna's fat-burning sweat eliminates toxins stored in fat. Traditional saunas with high temperatures, on the other hand, merely stimulate a water sweat.

As you relax in the gentle Infrared Heat, your body is hard at work sweating, pumping blood, and burning calories — perfect for those who find it hard to get cardio activity into their busy schedule.

Why choose Near Infrared Sauna instead of a Regular Sauna:

1. Infrared light is beneficial at its specific wavelength of 600nm – 950nm. The phototherapy benefits it provides are totally unique to this narrow band of the sunlight’s spectrum.
2. The NIR (near infrared) light directly activates various cellular processes that promote cellular healing, detoxification, increased metabolism, and more.
3. NIR light is safe for the eyes and can heal cellular damage in the eyes.
4. Here are some of the healing benefits of NIR: alkalinization of the cells, nerve tissue regeneration, wound healing, increased collagen production, relaxation of the central nervous system, and more effective toxin elimination.
5. NIR has ultra-low EMFs.
6. Provides sufficient heat for effective hyperthermic therapy.

Who should not use Near Infrared Sauna?

People with the following conditions should not use the sauna-

-Pregnancy or breastfeeding

-Hemophiliacs or persons prone to bleeding


-Insensitivity to heat

-Adrenal stress or fatigue

-Large brain tumors

-Unstable angina, recent heart attacks or infarctions (within the last 6 months) or severe aortic stenosis


-Recent stroke (within the last 6 months)

-Past use of LSD or other psychedelic drugs

-Children under 6 years of age

What do I wear in the sauna?

The less you wear the better but we do not recommend you be completely naked.  We will be checking on you during your session and would not like to see you completely naked.  We recommend wearing any of the following- shorts or swimming trunks for the men and a bikini bathing suit or shorts and a sports bra for the women.  We will have you sitting on a towel and will have other towels placed under the seat.

Is it safe to look at the near infrared sauna bulbs?

Yes, it is safe to look at the bulbs and it will not damage your eyes.  However, if the light bothers your eyes we have sunglasses available for you to use or you can bring your own.


How will I feel afterwards??

Most people will feel relaxed and refreshed afterwards.  Sometimes at the beginning of sauna therapy use people can experience a healing reaction.  Most healing reactions are mild and pass quickly.  Symptoms may include diarrhea, constipation, aches, pains, muscle cramps, rashes, headaches, odors, irritability and fatigue.  There can also be emotional reactions including feelings of anxiety, depression, moodiness, crying, fear or anger.  Healing reactions occur because toxins are being mobilized from storage sites throughout the body and your body is being burdened with having to deal with all of this.  Resting, drinking plenty of water, eating lightly and healthy, and going for a walk are great ways to help you through this healing crisis.


How long are the sauna sessions?

At first we recommend only 15 minutes.  You may go shorter if you wish but not longer.  If you are using the sauna frequently and would then like to extend your sessions we will allow you to go to 25-30minutes.


Pricing - Per Session

1 Session - $35
6 Sessions - $150
12 Sessions - $275
Unlimited - $240 per month (see details)
*All sessions include our Vibration Plate Therapy

*Unlimited program includes an additional $49 one time initiation fee, 3 month commitment minimum then month-to-month, no roll-overs, and a minimum 15 day cancellation of contract period after the 3 months.  Available at all three locations in San Diego!
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