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Making New Year's Exercise Resolutions That Will Last

Today we look at how to make your New Year’s exercise resolution last for the long-term.

The first day of the year symbolizes a new start for most people. If you are like most Americans, one of your highest priorities will be getting more exercise.

Here are a few suggestions for making your exercise resolution stick....

Start Slowly: The key to sustaining regular exercise is to not be too ambitious at the start of your program. Start slow with two exercise classes a week and build on that.

Add Social Support into Your Exercise Routine: Make your exercise routine a social activity by taking a group exercise class. The more social contact you have during exercise, the more likely you will stick with it.

No Excuses: There are days when you will feel like skipping your exercise routine, but that is precisely the reason you should exercise that day. Stress, depression, and fatigue can all be improved with a few minutes of exercise.

Exercise the Same Time of the Day: Researchers support that people who have a regular workout time of the day have a higher rate of sticking with their program. Find an exercise time of day that works for you.

Mix It Up: If you like variety, mix up your exercise routine every other day of the week. Pilates one day, barre class the next, etc.

Have a Visual Monitor to Record Your Daily Progress: A pedometer will help you record your number of daily steps and it gives you an objective way to measure your exercise routine.

Use a Calendar to Keep Track of Your Progress: Have a workout calendar and set a monthly goal ( i.e., I will exercise 20 out of 30 days a month).

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