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Make Pilates a Part of Your New Year's Resolution

Today we look at why Pilates should be part of your New Year’s resolution.

One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is getting back into shape, yet according to research, 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February. How can you maintain the optimism and motivation needed to get back into shape? The answer is Pilates! If your resolution is to incorporate Pilates into your healthy lifestyle and fitness practice, then you are in for some wonderful benefits. Here are just a few:

Get rid of aches and pains:

Many aches and pains are the result of weak and / or tight muscles which create imbalances in your body. Pilates comprises a combination of strengthening and stretching exercises which corrects imbalances, improves your alignment and teaches you self-awareness of your posture.

Build confidence:

Pilates is beneficial for you physically and does wonders for your self-image and emotional well being. With regular practice, you see the gains in your flexibility, movement and strength and as a consequence, you experience a morale boost and motivation.


Pilates offers over 500 exercises to choose from making it impossible to tire of boredom. This variety means you walk away from the studio feeling like you have had an all-over body workout.

By making Pilates part of your New Year’s fitness practice, you will be one of the 20% who keep their resolutions. Remember, the best way to get motivated is to see the changes you can achieve...and nothing does that better than the safe, non-surgical, painless, body sculpting and contouring procedures and body toning classes offered at The Lipo Lounge.

Call and set up an appointment today! Our goal at The Lipo Lounge is to offer the newest and safest technology to help you be the best that you can be!

Isn’t it time you get the health and vitality you always dreamed of?

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