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Barre workouts can reduce stress

Barre Workouts Reduce Stress

Welcome to The Lipo Lounge weekly tip. 

Today we look at the reasons why barre workouts help reduce stress.

Are you feeling tense or are you looking for a new mind-body fitness regimen?

Barre fitness provides a comprehensive body workout that helps alleviate stress and anxiety while toning muscles and  improving flexibility, endurance, and posture.

Barre workouts offer the time and  distraction you need from your hectic life. The upbeat music, choreography and enthusiastic instructors will help the day’s stresses melt away while it strengthens your muscles.

Barre fitness combines ballet with circuit training and yoga. Studies indicate yoga provides a complementary treatment for depression and has a positive effect on anxiety and stress. 

Discover how The Lipo Lounge barre class can get you back into your body feeling confident and rejuvenated.

Our goal at The Lipo Lounge is to offer the newest and safest technology and body toning classes to help you be the best that you can be!

And that is The Lipo Lounge weekly tip.  

Isn’t it time you get the body you always dreamed of?

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