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Aspartame Equals Serious Health Consequences

Welcome to The Lipo Lounge weekly tip. 

This week we look at the serious health risks linked to the artificial sweetener, aspartame.

Aspartame is  found in more than 6,000 products, from diet soda to sugar-free gum, children’s medicines and no-sugar ketchup. 

But what is aspartame?

Aspartame is a synthetic chemical which breaks down into methanol, and converts  into formaldehyde when consumed.

Some of the health risks linked to aspartame include:
Cancer: Even in low doses, animals were developing several different forms of cancer when fed aspartame.

Heart Disease: Studies found artificial sweeteners like aspartame are associated with a higher incidence of cardiovascular events and hypertension.

Dementia and Stroke: Drinking diet soda daily has been shown to put you at a three time greater risk of stroke and dementia.

If you are tempted to reach for a diet soda or other artificially sweetened products, fight the urge with natural healthy options like water with lemon or lime juice, or a fresh piece of fruit to help reduce cravings for sweets.

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And that is The Lipo Lounge weekly tip.  Isn’t it time you get the healthy body you always dreamed of?

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