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5 Ways to Beat Stress-Induced Weight Gain

Welcome to The Lipo Lounge weekly tip. Today we look at stress and its effect on your waistline. Is stress wreaking havoc with your waistline? Stress is connected to weight gain. A high level of the stress hormone cortisol has been shown to increase appetite, drive cravings for junk food, and causes accumulation of belly fat. Studies now show that stress also results in burning fewer calories. Here are some small changes you can make to offset the effects of stress-induced weight gain. 1.Choose healthy fats, but limit to one high fat per meal. 2. Adjust your meal portions by substituting a portion of dense grains with fiber and water-rich vegetables. 3. Add metabolic boosters like chili pepper or hot cayenne to your food. 4. Breathing before you eat has shown to reduce cortisol levels. 5. Take a brisk 15-minute stroll after meals, which will help normalize your blood sugar levels for up to three hours after eating. And remember, the best way to get motivated is to see the changes you can achieve...and nothing does that better than the safe, non-surgical, painless, body sculpting and contouring procedures and body toning classes The Lipo Lounge offers. Call and set up an appointment and/or reserve your exercise spot today! Our goal at The Lipo Lounge is to offer the newest and safest technology and body toning classes to help you be the best that you can be! And that is The Lipo Lounge weekly tip. Isn’t it time you get the body you always dreamed of?

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