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Our ChiroThin Doctor Supervised Weight Management Program
is now available at our special rates!

We at The Lipo Lounge understand the challenges with weight gain during these times of stress, boredom and overeating. This is why we are introducing our "At Home" remote  ChiroThin Weight Management Program. 
With our two programs, you have the ability to choose from either our
9 day program (7 - 10 pounds to lose), or our 6 week program  (20 - 25 pounds). 
The choice is yours!  And now with our special discounts,
 you can save money while losing weight!

  • Once you purchase your program, our Doctor will personally reach out to you to review your health and goals.

  • The ChiroThin diet is prescribed and sent to you via mail or available at our Poway office for pick-up.

  • While on the program, you will have access to the doctor remotely via our ChiroThin Tracker - a safe and HIPPA Compliant way to communicate directly to our doctor. 


The ChiroThin program is safe, easy and effective without shakes, pills or packaged foods.  There has never been a more important time to get healthy!  We are here for you! 

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Fire & Ice

This combo will have you ready for summer in no-time flat! Enjoy one large or two medium freezes with a 4-pack of melts for an unbelievable rate of $999 (save $170!)


Enjoy 15% off all melt packages: 6-pack $408 (org. $480), 12-pack $714 (org. 840), and 20-pack $1020 (org. 1200)


Curious on what treatments are right for you?

Why not try them all? Our bingo special allows you to experience:

  • One 30-minute session of ultrasound cavitation

  • One 20-minute melt treatment

  • One 30-minute EM Shape visit

Bingo Rate: $250!

Found a treatment you love? We will give you a 10% discount whichever package you choose!

You Got a friend in me!

When you refer a friend or family member, you will automatically be credited a free melt (valued at $100)!

Call us today to schedule an appointment!

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