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The Lipo Lounge's PERFECT TRIFECTA mechanism of enhanced results consists of the 3 strongest technologies available on the market.  When Lipo Freeze (cold) along side Vanquish Me "V Wave" (heat) is used to kill fat cells, a third mechanism is then introduced, Zimmer Z Wave. This will push the fat cell over the brink into the terminally injured phase.  These cells are then naturally eliminated by the body and voila!  A new, more sculpted you, without any pain or discomfort.  R.I.P. fat cells!


Patients are seeing remarkable results and can lose from 1 to 4 inches off their waist after a 4-8 week course of treatment.  Patients experience an average of 60% subcutaneous fat layer reduction.


Belly Buster Program

1 Round of Lipo Freeze Abdominal

1 Round of Lipo Freeze Sides/Flanks

4 Vanquish Me "V Wave" Treatments

5 Zimmer "Z Wave" Post Treatments


Belly Buster - Fire & Ice

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