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Available at our Ramona Location with Alexa Calgaro (Align Wellness)

Pilates Classes and Schedule
Please note:  You MUST book your class online to attend
Classes are Reformer based. Please bring grip socks! Available for purchase in studio. 
CANCELLATION POLICY: Student must cancel at least 12 hours prior to scheduled session. Failure to do so will result in use of one credit or a $25 cancellation fee.
9 am - Pilates 2
10 am -  Pilates Cardio 
11 am - Pilates 1
5 pm - Pilates 1
6 pm - Pilates Cardio
3pm - Pilates 1
4pm- Pilates Cardio
5pm- Pilates 2
9 am - Pilates 1
10 am - Pilates Cardio 
11 am - Pilates 2
4 pm - Pilates 2
5pm- Pilates 1
3pm- Pilates 2
4pm- Pilates Cardio
5pm- Pilates 1
9 am - Pilates 1 
10 am - Pilates 2
11 am - Pilates Cardio
4 pm - Pilates Cardio 
5 pm - Pilates 1
6pm- Pilates Stretch
Class Descriptions:

Pilates 1+2: Utilizing the technique of Joseph Pilates, our Pilates classes integrate strength and endurance of all major muscle groups as well as small muscles to create toned legs, sculpted arms, better posture and a strong core. Pilates 1 is great for beginners or anyone looking to focus on perfecting the basics, and Pilates 2 is recommended for the intermediate/advanced student focusing more on coordination- based exercises. The best classes to have a balanced full-body workout!

Pilates Cardio Circuit: Our newest class incorporates the full body workout of Pilates along with the use of the cardio jump-board as well as stations to increase high-intensity interval training. A great mix of the reformer, barre, mat Pilates and the vibration plate!

Yoga Flow: . Feel the amazing benefits of yoga to enhance not only your flexibility and balance, but your strength physically and mentally as well. Private sessions available.

Class Packages

No Expiration


5 Classes


10 Classes


100 Classes


30 Classes


Single Class


20 Classes

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