Lipo Lounge Weight Loss Programs

Want to lose 20-25 lbs in just 42 days?*


The Lipo Lounge Weight Loss Program is an amazing, revolutionary weight loss program that is taking North America by storm.  Exercise is optional & there are no gritty shakes, cardboard bars, or disgusting pre-packaged meals while on the Lipo Lounge Weight Loss Program.

At The Lipo Lounge clinics, our cutting edge procedures, equipment, & Doctor Supervised inch & weight loss plan (which include laboratory-based analysis and recommendations) ensure each patient the best results possible. *Individual results may vary

For maximum results and value, we recommend our "Diamond Package," our ultimate TRIFECTA PLAN!  This plan includes not only the Nutritional Weightloss Program, but also our signature "Lipo Freeze" & "Lipo Melt" treatments, for maximum weight & inch loss!

Combining all three programs facilitates maximum results, while saving you time & money.  

 You have nothing to lose but inches!