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This led to fierce and vicious rivalry when they became teenagers. The anime mostly focuses on the rivalry between the two. Akira Akira is the resident prodigy of the Aiba Private Academy. He has a similar demeanor to Genjurō and is similar in appearance, but wears glasses. Though very intelligent, he is painfully shy, making it difficult for him to interact with others. In school, Akira has a reputation for being a genius. He is very proud of his intellect and has an extremely high confidence in his abilities. He is also extremely competitive. Akira has a strong, but timid, personality, and his shyness makes him appear unapproachable. He has a friend, who he has known since childhood, named Ryuji Kobayashi. Though Akira is an extremely bright child, he does not have much passion for his studies, which has caused him to be expelled from several schools in his life. Akira has a pessimistic personality, as he often views the world in a negative light. He believes that many things are hopeless and unchangeable, and as a result he has no enthusiasm for anything. He is often seen either reading a book or working on computer games. Akira often has a gloomy face, which is often mistaken for an expression of deep concentration. He uses the phrase "the way of the weak" to describe himself and his own actions. He was a top student at Aiba until he became a teenager and his grades plummeted. He had a happy childhood, but after his father died and he had to live with his grandmother, he became depressed. He is strongly linked with Ryōko and Wataru, because of the letters he wrote to them before he fell into the forest. Kōji is Akira's best friend, and they became friends when they were children. Akira considers him to be his savior, because Kōji has protected him from being bullied since he was in elementary school. Kōji is very close to Akira's grandmother, and cares for her like a surrogate mother. At the same time, Kōji often takes care of Akira, and is able to calm his negative thoughts and gloomy outlook. Although he is not physically capable of doing so, Kōji often tries to make Akira feel better, and when he succeeds, he is very happy. Kōji is the only person to see the real Akira, and only Akira's grandmother sees a brighter side of him. He has a habit of spouting off romanticized statements or movies



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